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  1. About Homelessness: My Thoughts

    December 15, 2014 by Faith

    Hey, Bloggers!

    Homelessness is something that is a problem everywhere, even in my sleepy little town. There are all sorts of reasons that people are homeless and what lots of people know is really just scratching the surface. For instance:

    Before I watched this video (shown in class) and heard some stories from homeless people in New York, I thought…
    That people who lived on the streets just didn’t have enough money, or couldn’t get a place with friends. People who lived  on the streets was more of an idea than a real thing. Like  Ms. Smith said, they seemed more like cartoon characters or comic relief than a real people.

    Before I used to feel almost scared of the people that I saw on the sidewalks, on the street. I didn’t know why they were on the street, and I kind of steered clear of them, just in case.

    Now I think that each of their stories are unique. Who knows, maybe that woman pushing a shopping cart was a small-time singer, or even a teacher, in a better life. We should be doing all we can to help them get back on their feet, not just hardly sparing them a glance or glossing over them entirely.

    Now I feel like I’m much more educated on reasons that people may not be in homes, and that hope is running low and we should do something to help people in our community, be it spare change or socks, like we did this December.

    I also designed a shelter:

    Faith's Homeless Shelter plan

    It’s basically a bus stop, but with a lot more added to it to make it more comfortable, like the “Rest Bench” as pictured here. I drew the entire plan myself, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

    What are your thoughts on homelessness? Does your school do anything that supports homeless people? I always love to receive comments!

    (PS if you have a better idea for the name of the Rest Bench, I would love to hear it!)

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