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  1. Politics in the Classroom and Out in the World

    December 15, 2014 by Faith


    How would you like to be Prime Minister? It would be a hard job, that’s for sure. There are some pluses to it, though, like that you would know that the people of Canada supported you because you got their votes. You would be at the head of what’s called a Democracy because of that. But there’s another thing you could be called, and you could possibly get this position by votes too: a Dictator. Since you can become a  leader of a democracy or dictator the same way, what’s the difference? Well here, at this very blog, you will find the answer to that big question: Which is better, Democracy or Dictatorship?

    Governments in Canada are democracies. You can tell because, well, are you allowed to do any activities you want, like jogging, dancing, or partying by your government? Do they put limits on how much time you can spend around town? Is there a strict curfew of 6 o’clock enforced by law, or can you be outside any time of night (Well, your parent’s might be a little cranky if you’re not home by 9:00, but that’s their rules.)? Generally, they’re pretty loose about that  kind of thing. Another defining aspect  is that the newspapers can print what they want, whether it about their leader or about their local groups around town. In history, however, there have been a few notable dictatorships, such as the reign of Adolf Hitler. In history, Hitler was infamous for restricting everything, causing thousands to flee Germany, mass murder, and other offences.  See how different these two situations are?

    A good example of a Secret Ballot Box

    When the Queen of Smarthlandia became a dictator (she stole our  carrots!), we “revolted”, balling up our carrot farms (pieces of paper) and throwing them at her. This was just the beginning of our learning curve on governments, and we elected out own, calling it the Goodwill Council. Three people we elected (Scott, Luke, and Sara), and they now take our ideas and put them into action. For instance, the Santa Hat Sock Hop was their idea, and they organized it all! We managed to but 24 pairs of wool socks for the homeless with donations!

    To elect them, we did a secret ballot election, with Poll clerks, Scrutineers, and the like. We even had a closed-in voting station and everything! It was, in short, a lot of fun. But before we did the actual election, we had to come up with limitations on advertising, the nominees had to think of a platforms. Once that was done, we set up the voting station, posted the rules, and began! To make it totally fair and to have examples of all sorts of situations, we had two people act injured or blind, and demonstrated how those situations would be carried out. At the end, the tree lucky winners were given in no particular order, and may I say the whole thing was a huge success!

    So what do you think, after all this? Has you opinion changed at all? I know what my answer is to my question: Democracy is MUCH BETTER! Do you agree? I love having comments, please share your thoughts!


    Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc

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