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Hello, everybody! In my very second post, (and I did another, fresher one this year)Seven Random Things About ME!, I told you a couple things about myself, but I didn’t really go into detail. Here, you have an inside perspective!

I love art. Just so ya know. Art is amazing! You can do anything, be anything, and make anything!Probably because of that, I want to attend the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, which is a University dedicated to art of every kind. They have a special kind of kiln, a 60 cubic foot car kiln. There aren’t many of those left, maybe only three or four.

Totem Eagle

Emily Carr liked to sketch and paint Totem poles, among other First Nations things.

I also like to read, most anything I can get my hands on! I’ll probably write a few posts on Good, Bad, and Ugly Books (reviews). Even though they haven’t come yet, don’t despair! Right now, I’ve just finished reading Bootleg, a book about two boys, Smudger and Huntly, who are battling against the Good For You Party, who have banned all things sweet or chocolaty. It’s  very well-written and it has one of the best endings I’ve ever read.

 I’m in grade 7, and I have a GREAT teacher, Ms. Smith, who is doing blogging with us this year. That’s how I got this blog in the first place! I’m hoping that by January, I’ll qualify for getting a virtual pet in my sidebar. They’re so cute!

So that’s me, in a little more detail!                                                                             Cheers!                                                                                                                                                   Faith

Photo Credit: Jack Wolf via Compfight



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