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Books You Really Should Read

January 14, 2015 by Faith   

Hey guys!

Just as a warning, you probably won’t be interested in at least a few of these books, and don’t feel pressured to read them. Everyone has a different book-sense!

A four-book  series set in an imaginary land named Alagaesia where there once was a society called the Riders. What did they ride? Well, dragons of course. They were the safe keepers of the land, but they were overthrown by one of their own: an insane novice named Galbatorix. Now, in the present, Galbatorix is king, reigning with an iron fist on Alagaesia, or what he has renamed ‘The Empire.’ Little does he know that a young commoner named Eragon, who originates in a average village called Carvahall in Plancar Valley, a spot located near The Spine, a mountain range that is supposedly cursed, is rising up to defeat him, accompanied by his young dragon Saphira. How he comes across the dragon egg in a world where they were presumed extinct except for the kings own, not to mention just having a dragon means you have given yourself a death sentence, you will have to read yourself in the very first book of this suspenseful and awesome series.
Rating: 4 stars
Author: Christopher Paolini
Age range: YA (Young Adult)


A stand-alone book about two boys, Smudger and Huntly, who are on a quest to free the town from the over-the-top-healthy group, The Good For You Party who have taken over the government. Sure, a little health never hurt anyone, but how would you react if they took everything from chocolate to honey, sugar to syrup, and sent anyone who objected either to jail or “Reform Camp”? Well, I bet you wouldn’t think for a second of doing what this Dynamic Duo accomplished. Battling a  snooty Young Pioneer, escaping the Chocolate Police, and hitting the books for the first time in their lives isn’t the least of it! I guarantee that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time, not to mention an afterword that will leave you wondering….
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Alex Shearer
Age Range: E (Everyone) 


A lowly cabin boy named Matt Cruse with big dreams of becoming captain stars in this high-flying adventure. Join him aboard the Aurora as he daringly rescues an elderly balloonist over the Pacificus and, by some twist of fate, meets his granddaughter Kate in a years time. When the airship is struck down by a devious air pirate called Szpirglas (no, I don’t know how to pronounce that!), it only gets worse when a typhoon lands them on an uncharted island. This uncharted island, however, is one that Kate’s grandfather passed by and made some very interesting  observations about! Can they best Szpirglas and prove that the the previously undiscovered species Cloud Cats exist?
Rating: 4 stars
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Age range: YA (Young Adult)

All of these books I enjoyed tremendously and have reread at least 20 times. Like I said, not all  of these books will be for you, but I thing Bootleg in particular is an all-around favourite because I, more of a fantasy and sci-fi person, really liked it. I hope that you might take the time to check these out of your local library after reading this! I always welcome comments, and I would love to hear what you thought of them, and it’s OK if you want to leave criticism too. Keep reading, guys! You’ll find a book you love one day.

Have fun,

(PS The Age range thing probably isn’t that accurate, but I’m not very good at that sort of thing…)


  1. draedenwsd33 says:

    Faith we like your blog about books.

    My name is Draeden and my friend Jonny and I are from BC Chilliwack. We’re in Mr. Lister’s class.

    We like your post about books, we like that you like reading. My favorite book genre is fantasy books.
    Dr. Seuss is a good book and a couple other books.
    Books are great for making you a stronger reader.

    What is your favorite book series?

    Draeden and Jonny

    • Faith says:

      Hey, Dreaden and Jonny!

      I LOVE reading! Just ask my family. I have a wonderful little reading nook I spend a lot of my time in, especially in the summer. Where do you two read?

      I like fantasy books as well, that’s probably why I enjoyed The Inheritance Cycle so much. Maybe you could give it a try?

      Great opinion, I agree books make you a stronger reader, especially if you read often!

      Hmmmm…I would have to say my favourite book series is the Percy Jackson books, including the more recent series. I like them a lot because they made me laugh, and I love funny books!

      See you around,


    • Amber says:

      The first book on your page was the inheritance cycle and i was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!I love your blog already:)

      • Faith says:

        Thank you, Amber!
        I’m happy you like my blog. Obviously, I’m not updating it any longer with posts, but it’s still awesome to see a comment.
        See you around!

  2. allison says:

    Wow, you are a great writer, but I’m sure you get that a lot. I see in your post that you like fiction. I certainly do as well, those books seem very interesting and I look forward to reading them. Have you ever read “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling? I would rate it five stars also, it has a lot of action so you’ll never get bored with it. Even though there’re seven books I’m positive you’ll want to read all of them. I know I did.

    • Faith says:

      Hey Allison!

      Well, I try! One magic word for good writing is ‘synonyms’. Use them and your writing will never be boring!

      I’m offended! How could I call myself a proper reader if I hadn’t read the Harry Potter series? I agree, though, I would give them five stars as well!

      Thank you for reading!


  3. Dominic says:

    Hey Faith, my name is Dominic and I’m in Mr Miller’s class.

    I like your writing style, and you write about interesting things.
    I have read the Inheritance Cycle and it probably one of my favorite book series. One series I would recommend is the Ranger’s Apprentice. It is about a young boy named Will. He is brought to a castle withought parents. When he is grown up he has the choice to become a warrior, a farmer, a scribe, and many others. He wants to become a warrior like his father, but he is small and weak. It seems as he will have to live the life as a farmer, but a mysterious character speaks to the king, and he is told his fate will be decided tomorrow.

    You will have to read the books to find out what happens. What books are you currently reading? I am reading the Lord of the Rings. Keep up the great work!


    • Faith says:

      Hi Dominic!

      Wow, thank you! I’m flattered.

      It’s definitely one of my favourite book series as well, I don’t know why it got such bad reviews on some sites. I loved it!

      Wow…that sounds really cool! I’ll ahve to check it out soon, you left me in suspense! AARGH! Must. Know. What. Happens. Next!

      I’m currently reading the rest of the Airborn Series, I’ve just finished the second book, Skybreaker. What happens in it is that after Matt Cruse gets to France and is accepted into the Airship Academy, he’s on a airship called the Flotsam and they spot a ship that was thought to be gone over forty years previously called the Hyperion. Supposedly filled with treasure, Matt teams back up with Kate to try and recover some of it, but as soon as they step on board thy’re met with a nasty surprise.

      I don’t want to spoil the book, so get ye self to a library if you want to know what happens next!

      Ooh, Lord of the Kings is quite the classic. The only bad part about it is that it doesn’t have very many funny bits. Oh well! Which book are you on?

      Thank you for recommending a book to me, I always love new material!


  4. Shad says:

    Hello Faith, my name is Shad and I’m in Mr. Miller’s 3rd period class.

    I’ve read the Inheritance books too. Have you read any of the Harry Potter or Bartimaeus Trilogy or Hunger Games?
    I read about Airborn and Bootleg in your blog post, but I’ve never heard of them. Now I want to read those books. You should read any of J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings or any of the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I hope you like the books I’ve listed. Please try to read these books because I found they are very enjoyable.
    Can you visit my blog?

    • Faith says:

      Hello Shad!

      Yup, I’ve read just about all of the books you mentioned except for Artemis Fowl. I guess I should get on that!

      I hope you’re entertained by Airborn and Bootleg, I loved the unique storylines each had. Bootleg especially!

      Thank you for a great comment. I love meeting fellow bookworms!

      Sure, I’ll pay your blog a visit. Expect a comment soon!


  5. Bella says:

    Hi Faith, my name is Bella and I’m in Mr. Miller’s 7th grade World History class. I am a huge fan of reading books. When I have nothing else to do I, grab any book in my bookshelf that looks interesting and read it.
    Right now I am in the middle of like 3 books. I just can’t put them down. My parents think I’m crazy for reading that many at a time but I just LOVE books. About the book series The Inheritance Cycle, my dad has told me that he thinks that I would love it but i keep telling him maybe some other time. But your description and blog post has inspired me to finally start reading that series. So I just want to say thank you! My favorite book series that I have read probably about 3 times is the Hunger Games. My second favorite is Divergent. What book series is your favorite?

    • Faith says:

      Hello Bella!

      Wow, I’m really happy I’ve encouraged you to start reading The Inheritance Cycle! I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, I added it to my list for a reason!
      I know what you mean about your family thinking you’re crazy…I have this “insufferable” habit of locking myself in the bathroom to read undisturbed for as long as possible. Hee hee…sorry Mum!
      I quite liked both of the series you listed…I think I’ll go back for a 50th re-read soon! One of the things I do with books I love is re-read scenes I love.

      Thank you for the wonderful comment, enjoy your books!


  6. Emily says:

    Hi Faith! Wow, my best friend is named Faith! By the way I love your blog, it’s so unique! Did you know (which you probably don’t cause you don’t know me… or do you… just kidding!)that one of my favourite book series is The Inheritance Cycle? Please write back!

    • Faith says:

      Hello, Emily!

      I used to think that my name was different…wahhh! But-is she as awesome as I am? Just kidding, I’m sure that she’s pretty cool too.
      Maybe I DO know you…*creepy ghost music plays* OOOOooooOOOooo….
      I really like the series too, and I would definitely list it in my top 5 favourites. What other books do you like? I might want to check them out!
      See you around the blogiverse!


  7. Ashton says:

    I loved Inheritance, it is probable one of me favorite series that I read. You did a great job on your post too.

    • Faith says:

      Hi Ashton!

      Thanks for the compliment, I made the post quite a while ago but I still love all of those books.

      See you around!

  8. Darcey says:

    Hi Faith.
    I found your blog through ‘The Student Blogging Challenge’. I too, love books and writing. I have felt this way about literature since I was very little, so it’s cool to find someone else who is similar. Your blog is really cool – I have just looked at a couple of your posts (including this one!) I have noticed from the books you recommended that you have an interest for fantasy and adventure, when reading. The ‘Airborne’ book looks interesting – I’ll have to read it! Thanks for the recommendations. I also recommend The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or for a different genre, The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I’d love for you to check out my blog, sometime. Here’s the link:
    Happy reading!

    • Faith says:

      Hello Darcey!

      Wow, I had no idea my influence stretched so far! One step closer to ruling the world…Mwahahaha. Literature is indeed a large part of day to day life, I typically spend at least three hours reading every day (and don’t get me started on the sleepless nights brought on by a good book). Thanks for looking at so many of my posts, and though this blog is largely inactive besides me replying to comments, I think I have a few more drafts sitting in my Posts column that may find their way to your screen sooner or later. Have fun reading ‘Airborn’, and I’ll be sure to take a look at your blog when I get the chance!

      Thanks for the great comment!

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