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  1. Try A Trade: Which Trade Would You Choose?

    May 27, 2015 by Faith

    Hello Bloggers!

    From the title, what can you deduce about this post? Probably that it’ll be about several different Trades, or hands-on jobs that can get you through college and beyond.

    Not sure what a trade is? No problem! Here, I’ll give you a few examples:

    • Carpenter
    • Welder
    • Hairdresser
    • Mechanic…

    The list could go on and on. Now, anyway, that’s only five. Can you think of any others?

    Engine Out!

    A Mechanic hard at work


    What I did a while ago was have the extreme fortune to be loaded onto a school bus and carted off to a workshop of sorts to try out a Trade for myself! The workshop is also a school for high school students to get “ticketed” (given a permit to be a plumber, drywall-er, etc. because you’re properly trained), so those students had some fun getting to teach us on how to do the trades.

    I myself did Electronics, Concrete, Drywall, and Painting, as well as my personal favourite Mechanics. Part of the reason I like Mechanics so much is because when I’m older I’d like to go into the Military and become an Aircraft Mechanic, so even though we worked on a car engine (taking off the top with ratchets), it felt like I was doing something that was worth it. In Concrete, Drywall, and Painting, what we were supposed to do was take a roller and a paintbrush and paint in a few squares on an artificial wall perfectly. Needless to say, it didn’t exactly go as planned. My clothes STILL don’t have all of the paint off!
    Later on in Electronics, what I did was to fix up a power outlet by stripping off the outside plastic covering with a wire stripper (what else?), then hooking it around certain screws and tightening the screws again so that the exposed brass wire could conduct electricity. I wasn’t very good at it, however Gillian managed to get a light bulb to work!

    To find all about the other trades, you should take a look at some of my classmate’s posts. Maybe then you can learn about Carpentry or Plumbing, two I didn’t get a chance to do!

    Thanks for reading!


    Photo Credit: TempusVolat via Compfight

  2. Books You Really Should Read

    January 14, 2015 by Faith

    Hey guys!

    Just as a warning, you probably won’t be interested in at least a few of these books, and don’t feel pressured to read them. Everyone has a different book-sense!

    A four-book  series set in an imaginary land named Alagaesia where there once was a society called the Riders. What did they ride? Well, dragons of course. They were the safe keepers of the land, but they were overthrown by one of their own: an insane novice named Galbatorix. Now, in the present, Galbatorix is king, reigning with an iron fist on Alagaesia, or what he has renamed ‘The Empire.’ Little does he know that a young commoner named Eragon, who originates in a average village called Carvahall in Plancar Valley, a spot located near The Spine, a mountain range that is supposedly cursed, is rising up to defeat him, accompanied by his young dragon Saphira. How he comes across the dragon egg in a world where they were presumed extinct except for the kings own, not to mention just having a dragon means you have given yourself a death sentence, you will have to read yourself in the very first book of this suspenseful and awesome series.
    Rating: 4 stars
    Author: Christopher Paolini
    Age range: YA (Young Adult)


    A stand-alone book about two boys, Smudger and Huntly, who are on a quest to free the town from the over-the-top-healthy group, The Good For You Party who have taken over the government. Sure, a little health never hurt anyone, but how would you react if they took everything from chocolate to honey, sugar to syrup, and sent anyone who objected either to jail or “Reform Camp”? Well, I bet you wouldn’t think for a second of doing what this Dynamic Duo accomplished. Battling a  snooty Young Pioneer, escaping the Chocolate Police, and hitting the books for the first time in their lives isn’t the least of it! I guarantee that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time, not to mention an afterword that will leave you wondering….
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: Alex Shearer
    Age Range: E (Everyone) 


    A lowly cabin boy named Matt Cruse with big dreams of becoming captain stars in this high-flying adventure. Join him aboard the Aurora as he daringly rescues an elderly balloonist over the Pacificus and, by some twist of fate, meets his granddaughter Kate in a years time. When the airship is struck down by a devious air pirate called Szpirglas (no, I don’t know how to pronounce that!), it only gets worse when a typhoon lands them on an uncharted island. This uncharted island, however, is one that Kate’s grandfather passed by and made some very interesting  observations about! Can they best Szpirglas and prove that the the previously undiscovered species Cloud Cats exist?
    Rating: 4 stars
    Author: Kenneth Oppel
    Age range: YA (Young Adult)

    All of these books I enjoyed tremendously and have reread at least 20 times. Like I said, not all  of these books will be for you, but I thing Bootleg in particular is an all-around favourite because I, more of a fantasy and sci-fi person, really liked it. I hope that you might take the time to check these out of your local library after reading this! I always welcome comments, and I would love to hear what you thought of them, and it’s OK if you want to leave criticism too. Keep reading, guys! You’ll find a book you love one day.

    Have fun,

    (PS The Age range thing probably isn’t that accurate, but I’m not very good at that sort of thing…)

  3. Four Baby Blue Eggs in a Nest

    January 7, 2015 by Faith

    Hello, readers!

    Spring is coming, and Spring means adorable babies for most animals. It’s quite admirable how the parents stick by their kids, especially the way that this mother Robin is staying with the nest even when rain is splashing everywhere and the wind is blowing, like a scene in this video:

    Rain pours down around the safe haven that is the nest, tucked away inside a hanging flower basket. A mother robin swoops down, intent on keeping her eggs safe from the brutal storm outside. To do this, she slips on top of the baby blue eggs and snuggles down, as if saying to the world, “If you want these eggs, you’ll have to go through ME!”

    This video is really insightful into a robin’s life, and I like it because it shows you all the different stages of the chick’s growing up. You can definitely see how hard the parents work and how much FOOD the chicks need, especially when they’re cheeping their heads off for the juicy worm presented to them! It was really astounding how fast they grew, and how in the end they all flew away, leaving the mother all, “Huh? They left? Well, that’s kids for you! I bet they won’t even call in the future…and I went to all the trouble of getting this fine dinner, too!”

    One reason I liked this video so much was because we had a sparrow nest with three babies in it in one our decorative cherry trees once. Sadly, the nest fell down during a wind storm, but the parents kept feeding them and all the chicks survived, thanks to them taking shelter in our rosebush and the dedication of the parents! My home is surrounded by a forest, so I hear a lot of cheeping chicks in the spring. It was very interesting to watch the entire process, instead of snippets through binoculars. I love living in a very wild environment.

    Have you ever had a nest in one of your trees? What did you think of this video? Thanks for watching and reading!


    Robins: 4 Eggs, 4 Weeks from Fred Margulies on Vimeo.

  4. About Homelessness: My Thoughts

    December 15, 2014 by Faith

    Hey, Bloggers!

    Homelessness is something that is a problem everywhere, even in my sleepy little town. There are all sorts of reasons that people are homeless and what lots of people know is really just scratching the surface. For instance:

    Before I watched this video (shown in class) and heard some stories from homeless people in New York, I thought…
    That people who lived on the streets just didn’t have enough money, or couldn’t get a place with friends. People who lived  on the streets was more of an idea than a real thing. Like  Ms. Smith said, they seemed more like cartoon characters or comic relief than a real people.

    Before I used to feel almost scared of the people that I saw on the sidewalks, on the street. I didn’t know why they were on the street, and I kind of steered clear of them, just in case.

    Now I think that each of their stories are unique. Who knows, maybe that woman pushing a shopping cart was a small-time singer, or even a teacher, in a better life. We should be doing all we can to help them get back on their feet, not just hardly sparing them a glance or glossing over them entirely.

    Now I feel like I’m much more educated on reasons that people may not be in homes, and that hope is running low and we should do something to help people in our community, be it spare change or socks, like we did this December.

    I also designed a shelter:

    Faith's Homeless Shelter plan

    It’s basically a bus stop, but with a lot more added to it to make it more comfortable, like the “Rest Bench” as pictured here. I drew the entire plan myself, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

    What are your thoughts on homelessness? Does your school do anything that supports homeless people? I always love to receive comments!

    (PS if you have a better idea for the name of the Rest Bench, I would love to hear it!)

  5. Politics in the Classroom and Out in the World

    December 15, 2014 by Faith


    How would you like to be Prime Minister? It would be a hard job, that’s for sure. There are some pluses to it, though, like that you would know that the people of Canada supported you because you got their votes. You would be at the head of what’s called a Democracy because of that. But there’s another thing you could be called, and you could possibly get this position by votes too: a Dictator. Since you can become a  leader of a democracy or dictator the same way, what’s the difference? Well here, at this very blog, you will find the answer to that big question: Which is better, Democracy or Dictatorship?

    Governments in Canada are democracies. You can tell because, well, are you allowed to do any activities you want, like jogging, dancing, or partying by your government? Do they put limits on how much time you can spend around town? Is there a strict curfew of 6 o’clock enforced by law, or can you be outside any time of night (Well, your parent’s might be a little cranky if you’re not home by 9:00, but that’s their rules.)? Generally, they’re pretty loose about that  kind of thing. Another defining aspect  is that the newspapers can print what they want, whether it about their leader or about their local groups around town. In history, however, there have been a few notable dictatorships, such as the reign of Adolf Hitler. In history, Hitler was infamous for restricting everything, causing thousands to flee Germany, mass murder, and other offences.  See how different these two situations are?

    A good example of a Secret Ballot Box

    When the Queen of Smarthlandia became a dictator (she stole our  carrots!), we “revolted”, balling up our carrot farms (pieces of paper) and throwing them at her. This was just the beginning of our learning curve on governments, and we elected out own, calling it the Goodwill Council. Three people we elected (Scott, Luke, and Sara), and they now take our ideas and put them into action. For instance, the Santa Hat Sock Hop was their idea, and they organized it all! We managed to but 24 pairs of wool socks for the homeless with donations!

    To elect them, we did a secret ballot election, with Poll clerks, Scrutineers, and the like. We even had a closed-in voting station and everything! It was, in short, a lot of fun. But before we did the actual election, we had to come up with limitations on advertising, the nominees had to think of a platforms. Once that was done, we set up the voting station, posted the rules, and began! To make it totally fair and to have examples of all sorts of situations, we had two people act injured or blind, and demonstrated how those situations would be carried out. At the end, the tree lucky winners were given in no particular order, and may I say the whole thing was a huge success!

    So what do you think, after all this? Has you opinion changed at all? I know what my answer is to my question: Democracy is MUCH BETTER! Do you agree? I love having comments, please share your thoughts!


    Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc

  6. Hello, Duckies!

    November 20, 2014 by Faith

    Hello, fellow Bloggers!

    Ducks. What do you think of when you hear the word? Comical, yellow ducks, or green-headed Mallards? Well, when I hear the word ducks I think of…my two ADORABLE White Call ducks!

    Seuss digging for food

    Seuss digging for food

    They are named Seuss and Dahlia, after my two favourite children’s books authors, Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl. Suess is a boy, and Dahlia is a girl. Though she’s small, Dahlia is VERY LOUD. She’ll complain about things with a series of huge quacks that you can hear all the way across the yard! I’ve kind of learned to distinguish a “Alarm!” quack from a “Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” quack. We were originally going to get two boys, because they’re much quieter (Seuss himself can only do a small, raspy quack), but the woman that we bought them from didn’t have enough boys to give us two,  so we got a surprise when she showed us a girl! But she has saved herself (and Seuss) from a mink before with her giant quacks, and she is now a wonderful addition to the family.

    They’re a little hard to tell apart, but here’s a guide:

    Seuss has:

    • A slightly curled tail (hard to see)
    • A lazy wing
    • He’s a little bigger

    Dahlia has:

    • A smaller, smoother back
    • She’s a bit smaller
    • Can’t really see her wings (they’re there!)

    That should help when you look at the pictures!

    Dahlia in her bath

    Dahlia in her bath

    You may notice that Dahlia’s preening a lot. Since I’ve only had them a few months, I’m not sure if it’s because she’s still moulting, or because she just really likes to preen.  I saw quite a lot of feathers the first week!
    Taking care of ducks is a big responsibility. I have to get up at 7:15 every day (even on weekends!) to let them out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fall back asleep right after I get back inside. I also have to change their water every morning, which normally isn’t that big of a hassle…except when the hose freezes. Then I have to use a big, 2-Gallon bucket to fill it up, which means that a few trips from the kitchen sink to the backyard are in order. And that bucket isn’t exactly filled with feathers! Another thing I have to do is clean out their house. There’s a lot more wood shavings than it looks like in there, and we filled up an entire garbage bag the last time!

    Each of the ducks have their special quirks. Dahlia is kind of bossy, she will push poor Seuss out of the way to get into the pool first, but she loves to be held and stroked. Once she even fell asleep on me! Seuss is much quieter, but her is constantly “chittering” to Dahlia. Chittering is kind of hard to describe, it’s a little like a cat purr, but much less constant and more bubbly and higher-pitched. One thing that they both have in common is that they can’t bear to be without each other , even for a few seconds. If you, say, pick up Dahlia and carry her across the yard, Seuss will panic and start quacking as loud as he is able, and if you put her down, either she will run to Seuss or vice versa.

    Thank you for reading to the end, if you did, because I know that this was a much longer post than usual. Do you have any more questions about these ducks? Do you have ducks of your own? What would you name your ducks, if you had them? Get back to me in a comment!

    Happy blogging!

    Photo Credit: Myself, Faith


  7. Signalling For Remembrance

    November 18, 2014 by Faith

    Hello, Bloggers!

    Since last week was Remembrance Day, I’m here with a more serious post containing a poem I wrote in relation to what Remembrance means, and how we can remember all of the people who took the biggest risk they possibly could, and now our country is a better place because of it. This poem is based of the photo at the top of the page, and the women whom I wrote about is the one in the background, through the window.

    Signalling for Remembrance

    St. John’s, Newfoundland, April 1945

    Who is this Signaller?
    The morning that she enlisted,
    Was she nervous?
    Was she excited?
    Was it a defining moment?

    Before then, did she daydream in school
    Of herself
    Posed for a picture, shaking hands with her better
    As he awards her a medal?
    Did a wistful sigh escape her?

    Did she consider her life at home boring?
    Did she yearn for something more?
    Is this why she signed that form?
    Or was it pride?
    Being told not to, then doing it in spite of her family’s wishes?

    Not being able to stand it as brothers
    Left her all alone?

    Did she make up her mind over a cup of steaming tea?
    Or in the middle of the night?
    Or simply when she was walking by the recruiting office with a friend?
    Did she tell anyone?
    Or was it just, “I’m going now”?

    On the trip to training camp
    Was she having second thoughts?
    Was her previous daydream
    Suddenly not so fetching?
    Did she unexpectedly wish she had never left home?

    When she got there
    Were all her doubts erased?
    Was this exactly what she wanted?
    Or was she disappointed?
    I wonder what went through her mind upon arrival.

    I wonder if she knew what a big part she was playing.
    I wonder if she knew that she saved lives.
    I wonder if she knows that we still remember her today.
    I wonder if she knows how many people are indebted to her
    for her Great Service.

    I wonder.

    Thank you for reading this poem! Were you in a parade in your hometown, or did you go and watch one? What have your Remembrance Day experiences been? I’m open to all comments.

    See you around,


    Credit to Collections Canada: Faces of War for photograph

  8. 7 REALLY Random Thing About Me!

    October 28, 2014 by Faith


    You may remember a similar from post from last year,  titled Seven Random Things about ME!, and these are the even MORE awesome and random facts, all in one stupendous collection. I hope that this will attract you to my blog if you realize that we have something in common.

    1. I have a pair of White Call Ducks at home,  and I will probably do a post on them soon.
    2.  I LOVE being up high! My favourite perch is on the roof of the shed in my yard.
    3. Drawing and reading are my absolute FAVOURITE pastimes!
    4. Baking is also fun, I do it with my Dad when large family gatherings are coming up.
    5. The environment is very important to me, especially the forests and oceans.
    6. Unsurprisingly, my favourite colour is green, bright green.
    7. Finally, Felines are,  in my opinion, the BEST!

    Thanks for reading this list! If you want to know  more, just go to my About Me! page on the right.  Do you have any reasons that dogs are better than cats? Do you have a special place in your yard or any other place? Let me know in a comment!

    See you around the internet!


  9. What’s Behind The Magic Door?

    June 2, 2014 by Faith

    Welcome, Bloggers!

    Lately, our art class has been a bit of an adventure. We’ve been doing Fairy Doors! Fairy Doors are clay doors about the size of your hand that we are taking pictures of in the forest behind our school. Here’s a picture of mine:



    You like? This door took about 3-4 days total to make, and I think that it turned out pretty well! You’ll notice, though, It’s not perfect. I don’t think the person behind it wanted it to be. Who’s behind there, you ask? Well, let me tell you….

    Our forest is a lovely mess of ferns, moss, and trees. Lots of hiding places. Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen any evidence of them…until now. When Ms. Smith found the first tracks, she immediately came into class and started formulating a plan on how we could befriend the diminutive creatures that seemed to populate our forest. After deeming that the majority were dwarves, she came up with the genius idea  of gifting brand-new, sturdy clay doors to them! So, the very next art class, we started cutting and rolling the dark brown clay, and after only 4 classes they were fired, painted, and ready to go. We went to the forest and left them out over night in a small, pine needle-carpeted clearing, as well as a note of friendship.

    The very next day, the doors were gone from the place we left them. We found they had been pulled by tiny-footed folk all over the forest. When we tracked the doors down by following the trail of footprints they left, we discovered that personal touches had been added: some had ‘Welcome’ mats and others had pathways. A couple even had mini window boxes full of moss stuck to them with sap.  Isn’t it wonderful how everything turned out?

    You should try making some doors of your own! Maybe you have hidden neighbors….

    Happy Exploring!

  10. Skyathalon: A new Olympic Sport

    June 2, 2014 by Faith

    Howdy, Y’all!

    Last week. Brett, Haze, Gillian, and I were working on a  Olympic project, and one of the things we had to do was make up a winter sport. Well, that’s what we did, and this is what we came up with:


    Jean Guillaume Beatrix
    skating, it's in my blood.shoot that poison arrow

    Biathlon+Skating+Archery=Our new sport!

    In Skyathalon (Sky-ATH-a-lon), we combine skating, archery, and Biathlon into one unique sport. The track has no specific shape, so lengths can vary, and so as to not make it too easy, the targets cannot be too close together. The minimum distance is 20 feet apart, maximum 50 feet. At  each target, snow is spread to that you can scrape to a halt without overshooting. The target itself has rules too. If you get a bull’s-eye, you can move on immediately. The second and third rings are get one better and then move on, and the last one is try again.

    If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I can do my best to answer!

    Have fun Blogging,


    Creative Commons License Photo Credit: darwin Bell via Compfight

    Photo Credit: Maria Casacalenda via Compfight

    Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Georges Ménager via Compfight


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